Peaks, Troughs and Plodding

So I’m now in my second year of my PhD. Doesn’t time fly? Since my last post I have written a nice little chunk of what might end up being my thesis; I have begun teaching (and therefore marking (booo hisss)); and I have been accepted to speak at a few conferences April – July of this year. I’m still loving what I do. However, I have figured something out about the life of a PhD-er that I didn’t know when I started.

It is a truth [fairly widely] acknowledged that a PhD involves peaks and troughs.

There have  been some great highs – momentum, light-bulb moments, good feedback, and a general sense of progression. But then there are also dull, dragging lows. I’m in one at the moment; the trough before the upwards climb to thesis-joy again. I know the peak will come. I know that this week will (IT WILL) be more productive than last week. But the reality is that there is some plodding to be done in a PhD.

So plod on.

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